Access table checking if still updating


If everything is bold, underlined, or displayed in different fonts, sizes, and colors, your users will become overwhelmed.

It will take longer for them to understand where to start, what is important, and what can they ignore.

A further update - I have discovered the problem has something to do with the table in the SQL Server database.

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When I initially loaded the Access tables into the SQL Server database via the SSMA wizard I went through each table in the SQL 2005 database and made sure that every table had a Primary Key(s) defined and the record definition in each table had a Timestamp field - as I've run into update problems before (especially with not having a Timestamp field associated with a record definition).In the course of daily business, we see a lot of our customers Microsoft Access forms.Some are great, and some are stuck in 1998 design paradigms.After completing the development/testing I then installed the on the customers PC (running Access 2007) and used the database restore function to load the SQL 2005 database I had created on the customers server.Again everything worked as expected except for the fact that the SQL table in question (tbl Jobs) was now a couple of week out of date.In all there are 12 extended properties listed for the current "tbl Jobs" table while there are only 6 extended properties listed under the old "tbl Jobs" table.

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