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I want to argue that the war on marriage has many fronts. If someone is single (who very much wants to be married), that condition is only a gift in the sense that every affliction is a gift.

And while evangelical Christians have done a decent job in resisting some of the more outlandish attacks (e.g. The factors driving all this are largely out in the secular world, but the repercussions are very much being felt in the church. Those who are single involuntarily must still worship the Lord, must still love Him, must still live productive lives in the church, and so on.

Read More » Every journey starts with the first step; a clich but true.

Here at Faith Dating were glad you have chosen to take that first step with us.

Whether youve been this way before or you are new to the journey we wish you success in your search for that special person.

I cannot predict whether it will end in marriage, but we are having a great time together. " "After five years of being single I decided to join faith dating. We have been on a few dates and things are going really well!

He exists in three persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Find out more When we set out to find that someone special; the one to spend the rest of our life with, were excited at the prospect of getting to know them.

Its interesting and exciting to get to know what makes a person who they are...

In short, for most young Christian men who are vulnerable to pornography, waiting for marriage is going to create a bigger problem than it will solve.

We ought not to be like those banks that will only loan you money after you prove to them that you don’t need the loan.

Read More » "I always knew that God had a special someone for me, but I was struggling to find him on my own.

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