Dating mitchell 300 reels


The CAP-reel, already in existence for a number of years, made by Carpano & Pons, became part of the Mitchell family.

It was known as the "Mitchell Cap", also called "Cap 54" which also represented the year Free-Trade status was granted in the US.

The Salt Water model was originally designed with a half bail arm, similar to its smaller brother, the 300.By 1990, a decision was reached by Mitchell of France to sell distribution and partial ownership of their company to JWA.By 1990 Johnson Worldwide Associates (JWA) ("Johnson Wax" was the source of their success) bought the Mitchell Company.The first "luxury" model "300DL" dates from approximately 1961.This same year, on December 24, the 5,000,000th reel was produced.The first born "Mitchell" became "Mitchell 300", the "Salt Water" received number "302" engraved on its side-plate, and the "Cap" will be for ever known as the "304".

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