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However, the following ways to decrease your rent in Germany are perfectly legal.So put on your on best David suit, it’s time to fight again Goliath! These things have been in my head for a while now, and i will make my own attempt to try to answer to these questions.This time, it is local elections in Berlin; representatives of each Bezirk in the city (BVV – Bezirksverordnetenversammlung) are renewed every 5 years.

During a few hours, start-ups come and pitch in front of fellow entrepreneurs and in front of an experts’ panel who have experience in the industry.

We talked about language in schools in Berlin in this post but i have seen on Facebook groups and forums many questions on how to pick the right one.

I took those questions to one of the best language schools in Berlin to get some answers.

Time has taken its toll on Berlin’s once famous affordable housing market.

Like many other up and coming cities before (Paris in the 60’s, San Francisco in the 80’s, Brooklyn since the 90’s), the German capital’s attractive lifestyle has brought many newcomers wanting to have a piece of the pie too.

Following-up with my nonsensical* exploration of Hamburg as a good candidate for your expat life in this post, we look today at why Hamburg might offer more stable situations for their inhabitants and how its environments improves quality of life.

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