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In the later pages of this article, you'll find a few "best of" lists that can help any Elvis novice navigate his intimidating song catalog.

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"Hound Dog" created opportunities for numerous tongue-in-cheek television appearances (on the , Presley good-naturedly performed the song for a basset hound).

When paired with "Don't Be Cruel" on the B-Side, the "Hound Dog" record became one of the most successful singles the music industry had yet seen.

Elvis Presley Image Gallery In the following pages, you'll find the stories behind some of Elvis' most celebrated tunes.

There are highlights from his early career, such as "Baby Let's Play House," in which Presley first found his signature "rockabilly" sound -- the fusion of country and R&B that would make him famous.

The article's final section contains a complete list of Elvis Presley's recorded work, arranged in alphabetical order for easy browsing.

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