Malesian sex datign com

“The damage and harm it causes families and individuals alike is clear.

We should also draw people’s attention to the dangers of such sites,” he said.

However, members of parliament and women’s groups were concerned and outraged, and called for the authorities to look into the platform.

Malaysia-based The Sugar Book, which started operations in December 2016, markets itself as a link-up between “well established wealthy individuals” who “wish to pamper sugar babies with financial support in return for love and companionship” and those who “appreciate the glamorous life indulging in the luxuries that life has to offer”.

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A MONEY-FOR-LOVE dating platform has attracted more than 20,000 sign-ups from users in Singapore within a year of its launch, and is looking to recruit even more “sugar babies” through promotions targeting undergraduates.

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Fellow Marine Parade GRC MP Tin Pei Ling, who is the GPC’s deputy chairman, called on the relevant ministries to look into the legality of such platforms.

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