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She blocked him after they had an argument and he threatened to reveal pictures of her private parts to 'the whole of Poland.'She was persuaded to travel to the UK on November 12 last year and stayed with him at the house he shared with others in Tolladine, Worcester.

But within weeks he started forcing her to perform sexual acts on him and ordered her to hand over her money between December 1 last year and January 21 this year.

Today the largest urban concentrations of Poles are within the Warsaw and Silesian metropolitan areas.

He would get her to dress in specific underwear, tell her what to wear and how much make up she should apply.'He made her reliant on him financially and emotionally.'The court heard he even filmed her dancing and brought other men back to the house to have sex.According to this view, the Lusatian Culture which archaeologists have identified between the Oder and the Vistula in the early Iron Age, is said to be Slavonic; all non-Slavonic tribes and peoples recorded in the area at various points in ancient times are dismissed as "migrants" and "visitors".In contrast, the critics of this theory, such as Marija Gimbutas, regard it as an unproved hypothesis and for them the date and origin of the westward migration of the Slavs is largely uncharted; the Slavonic connections of the Lusatian Culture are entirely imaginary; and the presence of an ethnically mixed and constantly changing collection of peoples on the Middle European Plain is taken for granted.Please check our You Tube channel for our satirical marketing animations and behind the scenes content.You Tube "Countless grains of sand, vast number of stars in the night sky and millions of faces walking around us.A Polish man has been jailed for three years after keeping a woman he met on a dating website as a sex slave for seven weeks, threatening to show intimate pictures of her to 'the whole of Poland'.

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