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Lauren says she didn’t have a teacher after she was 11; her parents handed her textbooks at the start of a semester and checked her work a few months later.

She graded herself, she says, and rarely wrote papers.

Even conservative Patrick Henry felt like a bright new reality.Lauren phoned around their hometown, trying to find family friends to take in Jennifer and her pets.She asked the family pastor to check on her sister.To most people, it would have sounded like overreaction to innocuous forms of teenage rebellion.But Lauren, who’d cut ties with her family the previous year, knew it was more.“I wasn’t even sure she still had the resolve to go through with it,” Lauren says, “but we thought, even if she doesn’t want to leave, she still needs to know that her big sister is going to drive 14 hours for her if it gets to that point.” Jennifer was ready, though.

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