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In some cases there has been a reconciliation," Shah says.

However, her counselling failed with Amar Kumar's parents.

That's why Gay Arranged Marriages provides an important service."Since the bureau opened, 42 couples have got "married" and a further 48 are living together.

More than 1500 people are registered with Shah, who not only matches couples but also helps them find a priest to perform the ceremony - not an easy task.

But despite the pain of this abandonment, he is a happy man these days, having found Jatin – "the love of my life" - and got married four months ago."I know the marriage isn't legally valid yet in India but who knows? And until it does, the ceremony has bound us together for life," Kumar says.

Maitree Basu, in Calcutta, struggled to make her mother accept her sexual orientation. Like many Indian mothers, her concern was that Basu should "settle down".

Because the material itself is hot and buoyant, it makes the crust bulge upwards.

They met and fell in love."The day I saw them together, they made me feel like a goddess.

The bureau also offers counselling to the horrified parents of young gay men and women who have just come out."It's traumatic for everyone.

I talk to parents and show them videos of parents who have accepted their gay child to make them realise they are not alone.

He is the heir of the Maharaja of Rajpipla in Gujarat.

The prince echoes Shah's view that, while gay marriage has no legal sanction, "the whole value system in India prizes marriage and family relationships and these values have been absorbed by gays too, for whom a ceremony is important as something binding".

She won't stop because she finds the work satisfying.

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