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Sample six great Californian wines, three whites and three reds along with a range of nibbles.

Four tables of eight people each with the men moving two seats about every 20 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get to know everyone there.

https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/5/a/4/1/600_451163105NSS must pay membership dues to host the group , pay taxes, buy materials, host special events, offer special perks to our members, help out NSS members in need and we also contribute to known charities and fundraisers. Feel free to contact Eirini Kay or NSS Event Maestro if you have any questions about the dues.2) NSS tries to be accessible to everyone so if you can not afford the annual membership fee you can contribute to the NSS community by hosting at least 6 event a year and be exempt from paying the yearly dues.

OUT OF .50 AFTER MEETUP AND WE-PAY TAKE THEIR SHARE .75 IS LEFT. If their is any other reason you believe you should be exempt from dues just contact Eirini Kay.

All of the information about NSS is public to its members, (go under the ABOUT US, MORE, MONEY, and STATS tabs).

ONLY MEMBERS OF NSS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND OUR EVENTS. Though there is no charge to join, after your trial period is over a small annual membership fee of .50 is mandatory to attend events.

NSS MOTTO IS: " GIVE , AND YOU SHALT RECEIVE " we are here to support and help each other as well as have fun. The place you can turn to, to cover your social needs and more!

The members of NSS have always been the #1 priority.

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You are expected to update your RSVP to "NO" WAY IN ADVANCE.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BRING A GUEST THEY WOULD NEED TO JOIN NSS BEFORE THEY CAN ATTEND. Dues can be payed online with credit card by clicking on the .50/year Manager under Members Dues on the home page.

You can also pay Eirini Kay in person with cash/check at an event we are both attending or you can mail a check made out to: North Shore Social, 56 Peabody St 1E, Salem, Mass 01970.

If you cancel due to an emergency, contact your host as soon as possible to tell them so.

MEMBERS WHO CHANGE RSVP TO "NO" LESS THAN 1 DAY IN ADVANCE OR NO SHOW COULD BE DENIED ATTENDANCE TO EVENTS BY THE HOSTS AND MAY EVEN BE REMOVED FROM NSS ALL TOGETHER. https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/6/3/1/6/600_447625366.jpeg(If I could host/attend or both 176 events and have not one "No-Show", you all could make sure you have none either.

All reservations if needed were all ready made at least a day before event, some times even more in advance.

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