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A modified, shortened version of the rifle (K98K) was introduced into the Wehrmacht in 1935. Therefore, the length was shorter than the WWI Gewehr 98, had a different front sight, and had a curved, rather than straight bolt action handle with a fixed internal magazine of five rounds.Every soldier who fought for Germany in the Second World War trained with this rifle.About the closest estimate one can acquire of the quantities of the Mauser Model 98 produced thus far is somewhere between 91 million and 125 million.It’s hard to come up with a firmer figure, for the rifle was produced in twenty or more countries, most of which used it as a military rifle, and another large group of nations produced clones, copies and ripoffs of the original, often in quantities so vast they couldn’t give a production figure if they wanted, and they don’t want.Caliber: 7,92mm (8mm) Length: 43.6 inches Weight: 8lbs 9oz Barrel: 23.6 inches (600mm), 4 grooves, right hand twist Feed System: 5 round integral box magazine System of Operation: Mauser turn bolt General Comment: Best military bolt action rifle of all time.The Karabiner 1898 Kurz was the last of the long line of Mauser rifles used by the Wehrmacht (Germany Army).The K98k designation translates to: short carbine 1898 model.

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So why introduce — at fairly high prices, incidentally — technology almost a century old as a new product at a time of worldwide economic recession? The Mauser 98 is closer to a true basic product than nearly any other firearm, and though the analogy seems strained, it occupies a market position similar to eggs, flour or rice.

Many of the countries which used the 98 as a military rifle produced and most still produce the action as a hunting piece.

The famous Swiss annual Waffen Digest recently (1992 edition) carried a couple of unusual announcements: One was descriptive of a “new” product called Mauser Jagdrepetierer Modell 98, a rather familiar model introduced by the mother firm, Mauser-Werke, Oberndorf-am-Neckar, absent from the thriving market for their most famous product for 46 years.

Only the Russian AK-47 design comes anywhere close to the production figures of the Model 98.

It’s probably not that close, but no one knows for sure.

The weapon was introduced by order of the German Emperor in April 1898 as the Gewehr 98 (Rifle).

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