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A few hours prior to his night out, Duncan revealed he hid his sexuality for years because he was afraid of not being accepted for being gay.The singer came out as bisexual in 2009 and later confessed he had to come out as gay in 2012 because he wanted to be honest.Singer Duncan James has spoken about coming out to his mother in Los Angeles, and her surprise when he revealed he was having a child after he came out.

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Two months later I told her ‘mum I’ve got something to tell you, I got a girl pregnant’ and she was like ‘WHAT?! '” “The Albert Kennedy Trust helps people not as fortunate as me – people who have confided in their loved ones and have been rejected and thrown out onto the streets. I think nowadays, living in a world that is so much more accepting of the LGBT community, especially in England, it’s great that kids are educated and know that it’s normal.’He admits: ‘I’m still completely numb on my left side from my bottom to my foot.I have no feeling at all, but if I hadn’t had surgery that day, I would now be paralysed and need a catheter for the rest of my life.The character is also named after a childhood friend of executive producer Greg Daniels.He is introduced as a sales representative at the Scranton branch of paper distribution company Dunder Mifflin, before transferring to the Stamford branch in the third season.For me it was extremely hard not just to do it to my friends and family, but I had to do it to the world and a fan base who all believed that I was straight and a womaniser.

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