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He’s holding himself accountable, having called for that meeting with local media like Calkins for over an hour to answers questions about tanking, Fizdale, and more.

He’s answering tough questions, being honest and vulnerable while trying to take steps forward and surely quieting his mind.

He lines up and works every night with starters who should be role players and role players who shouldn’t be on NBA rosters. It’s tough to look your own athletic mortality in the eye as you age.

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Regardless of wins or losses, the long term viability of this franchise hinges on Marc Gasol’s ability to move on.But there’s more to this than who is playing alongside him, or missing a current member of the team due to injury.These Gasol issues are deeper - deeper than even those of his brother Pau.If that sounds like something that both could overcome, that’s because it is. He only released a statement to ESPN thanking the Grizzlies for the opportunity to be an NBA head coach for the first time. The Grizzlies (9-21) owned a 7-12 record when Fizdale was let go.Gasol suggested that their relationship got worse but didn’t give an explanation.“We both understood we had to keep it professional,” Gasol said. Perhaps the only other revelation in Gasol’s latest interview was that he believes the franchise broke up the “core four” too soon.“I didn’t understand the why,” Gasol said.His own offense when doubled was 1 PPP, 50% FG last year; .58 PPP, 15% FG this year.— Peter Edmiston (@peteredmiston) December 16, 2017 It’s painfully simple.

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